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About us

iTalk Advanced Communications SL is a spanish company with offices around Italy and Spain,  we are dedicated since 20 years to business advanced communications, from audio to videoconference, to UC&C tools, in cloud pbx and interoperability between all different business communication's solutions.

We operate in Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Singapore and USA



Our mission is to improve the business communications system so to make them easier, cheaper, more effective and closer to the final user



Our vision of the TLC future has always been oriented to a unified communications model to be applied to mobile platforms and tools. Therefore SIP has always been, since 20 years, the protocol for any technological development 


Our strategy is based on two major aspects:
internal software development to own the property of our software and to be able to tailor made our solutions to any customer need 
partnership with all major Tier1 Carrier so to grant the best quality ad prices to our customers

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